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Sports Massage Adelaide

Looking to achieve the perfect balance between work and play? Core Being Wellness Centre is the Best Sports Massage Centre in Adelaide. Our therapists deal with sports injuries on a regular basis, they will make sure you get back on your sports routine within an appropriate timeframe. Core Being Wellness Centre offers a variety of massage services to relieve your pain, discomfort and stress. If you’re suffering from a sports-related injury or muscle strain, contact us today to book your sports massage right away. 

We can help you get to the highest level of your sports achievements by decreasing muscular tension, increasing flexibility, and strengthening your body. Being the best sports massage in Adelaide, we can guarantee you to live a pain free and active sports lifestyle. We specialize in deep tissue massage therapy treatments and Sports Massage in Adelaide for all:

  • Sports injuries
  • Work related stress
  • Headaches management techniques
  • Reflexology
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What Can I Expect from A Sport Massage?

A sports massage is intense and during this treatment your body will be flushing out and metabolizing waste within your muscle tissue. We recommend drinking lots of water before and after!

What's The Difference Between a Sports Massage and Deep Tissue?

Deep tissue massage focuses on the entire body, whereas sports massage treatments are specifically designed for your treatment and focus on one area of the body which is experiencing sport injuries.

How Often Should You Get a Sports Massage?

Professional athletes receive a sports massage once weekly to keep their muscles and bodies in shape. For amateur athletes taking their body and training seriously, we recommend once a week, or once every two weeks.

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