Our Mission

Your Health is Our Priority

The CORE BEING Wellness Centre is situated in heart of business area between Unley and Parkside. The practice has a well-established client base and a growing number of walk in clients.

The clinic comprises of a very large practice room, incorporating office facilities, a waiting room, bathroom and kitchen facilities.

The clinic room is tastefully decorated and equipped with the latest Athlegen Access electric massage table and other amenities.The exterior of the building is well signed and an A-frame attracts easy attention.

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Our treatments works in combination with manual therapy, stretching exercises, home programs among other techniques.

Massage therapy is most often used for muscle relaxation purposes, accentuating the effects of deep tissue manipulations as well as promoting recovery.

* Bachelor of Physiotherapy & Yogic Science [India]
* Diploma of Remedial Massage
* Diploma of Ayurveda
* Yoga Instructor & Expert In Yoga Therapy

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